Upper Newport Bay & Camp Pendleton Scenic View-Point

I want to display the aesthetic disarray of built landscapes and their eternal conflict with nature. The project should display the contrasting elements of nature and human effects especially upon our coastal wetlands. I want to highlight the vast amounts of disturbed land that will never be fully restored to its original beauty. As mush as I want to highlight the negative effect of human interaction with the coastal wetland, especially in landscape style pictures. I also want to display the resilience of the native species that still appear within the environment. I find interest and pleasure in photographing wildlife so I will be particularly keen on this aspect of the project. I would hope to capture more pictures of various bird species like Egrets, Herons and the California Gnatcatchers. I have also heard about Mule Deer sighting in San Elijo lagoon that I believe would be great subject matter.

In order to find further inspiration and research I will inquire with the various lagoon and wetland conservancies based throughout Southern California. I would assume the people that are in charge of maintaining these preserved lands would know the best times to view specific species and great vantage points to highlight the topography of the land. I will also reach out to various peers that have been practicing photography longer than me, in order to absorb some of their learned experiences.

Research into the species present in our Southern California wetland will be crucial towards this project. As well, a knowledge of the history of development and infrastructure that has so drastically transformed these environments would be interesting background information. Especially if a prominent bridge or man-made feature is displayed within a landscape shot.

I want the public to view my pieces either as a website and a series of prints.


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