Michael Wolf: Fold To Fit Culture

I found Michael Wolf’s images to be astounding. Especially the photos taken during his time in Hong Kong. The way he displays the density and extreme development in China is breathtaking and at times hard to comprehend. Highlighting the architecture of Hong Kong in this way really gives outsiders an epic vantage point of a culture they might not ever get to experience for themselves.

Aside from mind-bending architectural photos, Wolf is also able to display several interesting cultural intricacies of Chinese people. His series of ‘informal seating arrangements’ is such a captivating take on how Asian societies view waste and their ‘fix-it’ mentality. Each chair displays such unique characteristics and un-conventional repairs they resemble the diversity displayed in human faces. The lighting, background and framing really add to the pictures, personifying the inanimate subjects and giving them personality.

The ‘100 x 100’ series by Wolf is another one of my favorites. I think if his “architecture of density” resembles a close up look at a number of cells; Then the ‘100 x 100’ series would be an even further zoomed in look at individual cells. dde173953e2a5f37f2d695ccf0986b0e


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